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Title: CPD for Renewal of Annual Retention (updated 30th Sep 2015)
Date: 30-Sep-2015
Category: Continuing Pharmacy Education
Pharmacy Legislations and Issues

(UPDATED 30th SEP 2015)

Please note the latest decision by Pharmacy Board of Malaysia

  1. All registered pharmacists are required to apply and pay online for renewal of annual certificate through This is also applicable for government pharmacists. Application for 2016 Annual Retention can begin from 1st Jul 2015.
  2. For renewal of 2016 Annual Retention, registered pharmacists must have 30 CPD points cumulated from 1st Jan 2014 till 31st Dec 2015 ( 2 years).  Proof of the points can be through the myCPD (for government pharmacists), MPS-CPD online (for private sector pharmacists) or other proof that is certified.
  3. For the purpose of application of the Annual Retention 2016 all pharmacists must fulfill 30 CPD points in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Pharmacists and Bodies Corporate 2009 (Article 1.2.1 Professional Development and Contributions to Society and Article 1.7 Continuing Education).
  4. The 30 CPD points requirement is not a new decision as the Pharmacy Board had at its 101th Meeting on 30th September 2013 decided that the minimum number of CPD point per year shall be 30 for renewal of Pharmacist Annual Retention, though there has been flexibility in achieving the 30 points.
  5. Since the decision about the 30 points requirement has been made in 2013, and it was publically announced throughout the years, pharmacists should already be accumulating points throughout the period till today.
  6. In the event that there is insufficient points for the application for 2016, consideration will be given on a case by case basis. For example when applying on 1st Jul 2015 for the 2016 Annual Retention and there is not enough 30 points the application will be consider on a case by case basis.
  7. Exemption to CPD points is applicable to non-practising pharmacists (housewives, pensioners, pharmacists practising overseas). However if a Type A Licence is require, the CPD points is applicable.
  8. Compulsory CPD is being practised by the Ministry of Health for pharmacists in public service since 1998. This is tied in with their performance evaluation, promotion and career advancement.
  9. Please note the CPD is more than just attending seminar or reading articles. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) involves 4 steps, namely Reflection, Planning, Action & Evaluation and the whole cycle repeats itself. Basically what you do must be planned out with an objective in mind and when completed you need to evaluate that you have achieve these objectives.

Circular from MOH

Below are some of the FAQ encounter:

Q 01: I do not have the time to attend courses outside of my work hours as I have to run my company business even after office hours
A: Training for your job is consider as CPD. If you attend any seminars, or get trained on your work that is also CPD

Q 02. I work in a chemical company. We do not have any dealings with the pharmaceutical companies so how do I get my CPD?
A:If your company provide you training on your products (chemicals), that is CPD. Sales Techniques training is also CPD. To get the CPD points does not necessary mean must be on pharmaceutical products or on medical items.

Q 03. How do I know how many points are given for the training?
A. You are encourage to visit the CPD website at to find out the points. There is a guide on the nature of courses / workshops and the contact hours. Once you have key them in, the points will automatically be calculated.

Q 04. Can I report the points to the authorities immediately after submitting my CPD online?
A: No. Your submission still has to be reviewed and approved before it can be used to print the certificate. This takes about one week for approval.

Q 05. How are Credit Points allocated?
A. You can find out what activities qualify for points and how many points will there be here >> CPD Points System

Q 06: How soon are the CPD activities recorded to my profile?
A: It is recorded immediately as it is done online and live. It is your responsibility to record your own CPD activities online. As it is online, all points are automatically calculated but you have to decide for yourself under which category your CPD activity fall into. The steps would be clearer if you were to actually go online to perform the recording first

Q 07: Who should record the CPD points - myself or MPS will do for me?
A: It is each individual own responsibility to record his own CPD participation. No one but yourself would know what would be consider a suitable CPD activity for yourself. Please remember the CPD Cycle.

Q 08: Do I need to submit any CPD certificates or documents when I apply for my Annual Retention Certificate?
A: You may choose to submit your CPD certificate printed out from the website as proof of your achieving the require number of CPD points

Q 09. Since I have to apply for my retention in October, will I calculate my CPD points from 1st Nov of previous year up to 30th October the next year?
A. You have the option to print out your points from Jan - Dec, or from Nov - Oct. when you apply for your retention.

Q10. I am not a member of MPS. How do I keep track of my points since the site is open only to MPS Members?
A. The CPD site is open FREE to MPS Members. It is also open to Non-Members at a fee of RM 84.80/- (included 6% GST) per year. Click here for Registration Form

Q11. There are only a limited number of activities listed on the website with CPD points awarded. How do I ensure that the CPD program that I attended which are not on the list be approved for CPD points?
A. The list only give those Providers who has requested for CPD Points awards. It does not mean those not listed are not qualify to be awarded. Just key in your CPD activities, chose the correct category and points using the dropdown menu, and submit. The Reviewer will respond as to whether the activity is correctly entered and give the approval if appropriate.


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