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Title: CPD Points System April 2012
Date: 05-Oct-2012
Category: Continuing Pharmacy Education

CPD Credit Point System for Pharmacists (revised MPS 2)
(Note: At this moment it is not necessary to submit any Proof of Attendance online. But you will need to keep such proof in your own file for the possibility of being requested for)

CPD Category CPD Activity Description Points per Activity Criteria / Explanatory Notes BPF CPD Committee Consensus (19/1/2012) Verification Method Maximum Points for Annual Consideration
A1 Congress/ Conference (Local/ international) 20 per conference A conference should:
a. Be conducted not less than 3 full days, a full day being 5-8 hours.
b. Involve speakers of international standing.
c. Contain plenary lectures / symposia.
d. Allow presentation of free communication / poster, etc.
Can be given for conference activity not less than 2 days, provided that other criteria is fullfilled Proof of attendance (certificate or letter of participation) Certified Copy of event tag. 20
A2 Scientific Meetings of Chapters of Academy/ Universities/ Colleges/ Association/ Institutions/ Ministry of Health & others
a. Less than 2 hours
b. 2-4 hours (1/2 day)
c. 5-8 hrs (full day)
d. 2 full days
e. 3 or more full days.
1 point
2 points
3 points
6 points
10 points
  For presentation session in meetings, please claim under A4. Proof of attendance (certificate or letter of participation) 20
A3 Workshops/ Courses/ Fellowships/ attachment etc. (include hands-on & skills courses)
a. Half day (2-4 hours)
b. Full day (5-8 hours)
c. 2 full days
d. 3 or more full days
e. Skills accredited structured courses by specific disciplines (e.g. ALS, PALS, NRP, MTLS)
f. Study Tour
4 points
6 points
10 points
15 points
20 points
5 points
For professional attachment, credit points are awarded to participants from outside the place of work, e.g. Tertiary Hospitals, University Hospitals. For training related to work, including quality, IT, and management “Labs” Proof of attendance (certificate or letter of participation) 30
A4 CME sessions/ other professional activities e.g. Topic seminar, Forum, Lectures, Journal Club, Formal Ward rounds (teaching rounds), Clinic attendance, Hospital clinical meeting, Video show, Video conferencing, Reflective Notes, Morbidity and mortality reviews, Epidemiological reviews 1 point/ topic For ward rounds credit points are awarded to participants from outside own hospital/ establishment, e.g. Private practitioners, verified by the CPD Chairman of that institution. For activities related to work, including quality, IT, and management A session should not be less than 1 hour Includes CE presentation in meeting Update 3rd Apr: Max 7 points per session / day Proof from attendance records 20
A5 Presentation at accredited meeting - Plenary lecture/long paper (>45 min.) / Free paper / short paper - Others lectures/ talks e.g. Visiting lecture, Hospital clinical meeting, CME sessions, Public meeting, Giving talk /public advice, Lectures to NGO/ radio or TV talk, Technical briefing/ update. 10 points
5 points
These credit points are in addition to full delegate attendance at congresses, scientific meetings or workshops. Otherwise only credit points for presentation are attainable. Visiting lecture – Where one is officially invited to give a lecture at venue/ function away from one’s principal place of practice. Poster presentations Exhibitions Notes: Points given per activity e.g. 5 points per workshop Points can be given for the same topic in different event Certificate or Letter of appreciation for activity conducted 20
A6 Publication of articles in journal/ chapters in book /reports
a. Indexed/ Peer reviewed Journal (authors)
b. Non-indexed journal (authors)
c. Chapter in book - each chapter
d. Reports e.g. Technical report, working papers, etc.
20 points
10 points
10 points
10 points
An indexed journal is one which has international standing and is listed in the Index Medicus or similar indexing system. Maximum for writing chapters in a book is 20. Published writing only. Claim is based on publish date. Verified presentation or publication in programme book, abstract book, proceedings or journal 30
A7 Self-study/ Group study/ Distance learning e.g. Reading scientific papers from indexed journals, Audio-visual, Organized group discussion under accredited co-coordinator 1 point/paper or session Documented evidence (with verification) needs to be produced e.g: a) Self study – Self administered MCQ b) Documented evidence in the form of synopsis/ evidence table Each individual is personally responsible to source for and read relevant PTK materials. Updated 3rd Apr: Max 7 points per session / day Proof from CME provider or synopsis of article 20
A8 CME Online 1 point/article or session The CPD Board is ultimately responsible for accreditation of the providers. Updated 3rd Apr: Max 7 points per session / day Proof from CME-online provider 20
A9 Post-basic courses
a. 1-2 weeks
b. 2-4 weeks
c. >1-3 months
d. >3-6 months
e. >6 months – 1 yr
10 points
12 points
15 points
20 points
30 points
These should be:
a. Conducted by relevant recognized authorities - local or international
b. Verified by the CPD committee
c. Points are given only once, upon completion of studies.
Includes PRP Training. Based on Full registration certificate. Proof of post-basic or other diploma certificate 30
A10 a. Degree, Masters Programs, Postgraduate programmes
b. PhD/DrPH
c. Advanced Diploma/Subspecialty training
50 points
50 points
50 points
Allowed to also get points from other categories / sections Points claim upon completion of study Officers on study leave must submit CPD record to their PTJ.

Points will only be given upon award of degree at convocation, or completion of study
Certificate or exam result Final transcript is accepted only for coursework programme 50
A11 Involvement as committee or project member
a. Quality Initiatives eg. KMK, Innovations, TQM, Accreditation, ISO, etc
b. Research projects (as researcher/ collaborator)
c. Training activities (as facilitator/ trainer)
5 points for involvement in each area   Involvement as committee or project member for Quality Initiative, research project and training activities. Any appointment as committee members can be included
Letter of appreciation or appointment for activity 20
B1 Editor Member of Editorial Board Referee/ reviewer (per article) 10 points
5 points
5 points
Pertaining to production of journals, special reports, bulletins, newsletters etc. Includes translator (per article) Documentation of position held from journal or editorial board, or Letter of appointment 10
B2 Other supporting activities related to personal development and self-improvement: Leadership, Management, IT, Organizing Committee/ Secretariat, Innovation, Arts, music, Languages, Teamwork, Member of professional body, etc a. Local level b. State level c. National level d. International level 2 points /activity
3 points /activity
5 points /activity
10 points /activity
These activities are not restricted to MOH functions e.g. involvement in PIBG may also be considered. Documented evidence (with verification) needs to be produced) Activities are not related to work Spiritual/ religious/ volunteer work/ family day Memberships of PUSPANITA/ NGOs/ MPS Campaigns Certificate or Letter of appreciation/appointment for activity 10
B3 Registered Members attending Professional Society Annual General Meeting 2 points A valid membership registration & proof of attendance must be provided and verified     2


1.     Maximum points refers to maximum that will be accepted for each category, and will be taken into account for the annual CPD/PTK points (e.g. attending 3 conferences in one year will only result in a maximum of 20 points being awarded).

2.     For all activities, certificates of attendance, certified attendance lists, or other evidence for verification are required. (At the moment, it it not necessary to upload any such documents but you have to keep them in your own file with the possibility of being asked for)

3.     These activities are not entitled for CPD points

  1. Special Task (Enforcement)
  2. Meeting Secretariat
  3. Input for annual report
  4. Interview


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