Membership & Membership Form

Click on the link below to apply as a member of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, or to renew your membership. Membership is open only to those who qualify under the MPS Constitution and is subjected to approval by the Council.

NEW Member Application Form (use this for NEW Membership Application and payment can be made via JomPay)

General Membership Form (use this for Renewals)

Alternatively, offline methods are available below (download and fill up the form, either email/fax or post it back to us):


  1. Ordinary Membership is open to all fully registered pharmacists in Malaysia, and that includes PRP/FRP 
  2. Associate Membership shall be opened to any person, other than a person entitled to be registered as a pharmacist under the existing laws of Malaysia, teaching pharmacy as a full time lecturer 
  3. For new application, for the time being it is NOT NECESSARY to provide any membership  sponsor (ie proposer) or seconder 
  4. It is also NOT NECESSARY to submit in any certificates. 
  5. Other payment option:
    1. Bank in your subscription fees, either cash or cheque, direct to the Society's Maybank Bank Account (Account number: 0-14271-31967-2)
    2. Then fax in or email in a scanned copy of the receipt to
    3. Do fax or email in the membship form or submit in the online form also
  6. All membership is from 1st January till 31st December for each year, irrespective of the date you join or renew.
  7. Life Membership of RM2,000/- can be paid in 10 equal monthly instalments of RM200/- per month and can be paid by credit card, or by sending in 10 post-dated cheques.