Code of Ethics for Pharmacists 2018
The new Code of Ethics For Pharmacists 2018 is now finalised and available for all.  The Code has embodied minimum standards of proper conduct and professionalism for guidance of pharmacists in Malaysia. This code also serves as a ...
Code of Ethics For Pharmacists 2018 and Guide on the Code
MPS-Pharmaceutical Reference Books Order Form (Aug 2017)
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MPS LOGO and 50th Anniversary LOGO
Dear Pharmacists / Area Chairman / Chapter Chairman: As MPS is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, a special logo has been designed to commemorate this event and to signify the year. All Areas Committee and ...
MPS-Pharmaceutical Books Order Form (Nov 2016)
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Reaksi Drug Safety News May 2016
MADRAC Newsletter April 2016
The Journey and Beyond - Community Pharmacy in Malaysia (Book)
THE JOURNEY AND BEYOND - COMMUNITY PHARMACY IN MALAYSIA This book documented the development of community pharmacy in this country.  It took almost a year for the research to be carried out to publish this book.  The researchers ...
Renal Pharmacy Handbook (2nd Edition)(Out of Stock) - Order Form
Options: RM 40.00 (For Self-Collection) RM 50.60 (Include RM 10/- Delivery For West Malaysia) RM 55.90 (Include RM 15/- Delivery For East Malaysia) Out of Stock [ Download Order Form - DOC, 75KB ]         ...
BNF Sept 2015 (Order Closed), BNF for Children (Order Closed) & Renal Handbook (out of stock) Order Form
Latest Pharmaceutical Books available at MPS: No Items Self Collection Include Delivery
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